Monday, April 2, 2007

My New Colorful Mobile

As everyone can recall me a matching and also colorful girl, this time I preferred to buy a colorful set. Oooooops, sorry actually you know my adorable husband presents me a niceeeeeeeee set…………. Yup it’s a MOTORIZER V3. Do you know what color is this? Obviously Pink (Dark). When we went to the shopping mall for have a look, at that time my eyes got stuck only for this. I couldn’t even look to other cell. But Zarir wants to buy black one. Do you know why? If I would have been select the black one then he could use that. Even though he has his own, he usually loves to go for the new one. Actually everybody wants to go for the new things. At that time I was little bit convinced by my sweet pie, but all of a sudden I realized “No”. Then I started thinking I should go for the other color, otherwise I will not get that. Heeeeeeheeeeeeeeee. Sorry for ZarirL.
But he was sooooooo cherished that time. After getting my cell, he kissed me…….He feels very happy when he could buy something for me.

On the third day of my mobile, something happened wrong with this. I went to the city with my other two friends for copying the book. Zarir got classes that day and also after class he had his job. While I was talking to him in the afternoon, he replied that after finishing his class he will give me a call. And he tried for 50 times. But I couldn’t hear the ringer of my cell………..caz city is always noisy. Ooooooops, I totally forgot also that he was supposed to call me after his class. Zarir was angry with me. Then he also called to one of my friend’s cell and it was off too. He couldn’t understand what’s going on. Then he got scared, he thought there must be wrong with us otherwise why none of us were picked up the phone. At last, I got him when I wanted to check my message. This was a lesson for me. So now on, I try to check every time either there is any call in my mobile or not.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Starting for Dhaka trip( Transit Time)

ohhhh.....its me i cant even imagine that i was looking so bad, so tiring. Even though i had smile in my face. Do u know why? caz i was going to my home. Me and my hubby both of us were so happy. I am telling u a secret....actually nobody knew that my hubby was going with me accept my parents. I wanna give surprise to everyone. After a long journey from Sydney to Kualalampur, we were having a cup of tea in the airport. Most of the time i tried to sleep inside the aircraft but my hubby couldnt sleep for a min. i dont know why he cant do that. But this time i ve watched 3 hindi movies on the plane. so when our time went away, we never recognized tht. After take off, when i saw there were 3 new hindi movies i was so happy. And also this time we enjoyed our food. It was not like before when we were travelling from Dhaka to Sydney in Singapore airlines. I think i ll never travel with SQ as their service is really sucks.
U know i ve travelled so much in my life that sometimes i feel that i am really so lucky that i could see so beautiful places in this world. God made this world like heaven that people should watch it and feel it and pray to Allah that He made this happen for us.
Thats why, my hubby always says that i should go everywhere with him though i ve seen many countries. But also i should go to that country with him. I'll go inshallah with my cuty pie.
This picture is from Malaysian airport. I think this is the most beautiful, clean and most advanced airport i ve evr seen. u know last time when we first arrived in Sydney then we found Sydney airport so stupid. It is actually not upto that mark.
u Know i was having "Chai Latte" which is one of my favourite tea. But my hubby always try to take something else. That's why he took espresso ufffffffff daaam the taste of it was yaaaak.
what should i say. So this was our happiest moment while going to Dhaka.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Happy Woman's Day

Happy woman's day to all ladies. Now i m at my university caz i've got class today.
If i were in Dhaka today then i would celebrate this day with all of my lady friends. But sorry ladies, i cant make it happen as i am not there. Actually this day should be for my Mum. U know i miss my Mum and also my Dad in every seconds. But what to do as i ve to finish my Masters also. My mum called me today and she told me a story about my aunt's house. Do you know what happened there? Its very interesting. Grameen phone is making their tower in Bashundhora city which is infront my aunt's house and for GP, one side of my aunt's house going down. Isn't tht scary?ya i know its scary. But now GP is bearing all their costs. Now they are staying in a hotel which has been totally sponsered by GP. Now they are trying to find out a new house for them. Ok i gotta go now caz i ve got class rite now.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Happy Mardigras Day

hey, do u know about this day? ohhh..........its really a funny day. it was unknown for me before 1 year but now it is known to me. This day is only for all Gays and for all Lesbians, isn't tht funny?ya i m talking about this day which has been occuring in sydney every year. Last year i ve seen this with my husband and we had really fun. It was totally a new thing for us. There was a huge crowd. All gays and lesbians did a big parade....also they had shown something.....u know. But this time we couldnt go there caz today i had my stupid class. yaa.........i came in sydney only for doin my Masters but OOOOps i also tell u something tht i am also enjoying my life with my cutyyyyyy pie as no laws....r here. i was trying to study after a long break. It was really a taff job for me (Study).after coming back from university, i also cooked beef and i was trying to make a new dish which was shit. I know my friends will never believe that i can cook but i really can cook otherwise my husband ll never fuck me......(joke).Whatever today's dish was gud caz i've checked it. I could remember, so far whtever i ve cooked my cuty pie never said it bad.I think today is a memorable day for me caz i had baths for 2 times........isn't it Amazing? The temperature in Sydney was 32.

Friday, March 2, 2007


Hi to everyone,
I am strating to write about my world. Ya its me Urmee. actually just now i was chattin with one f my school friend, Miti and i knew abt this website. thts why i m trying first.Then i m gonna tell abt myself.Just wait for a min.